Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm laying in bed ...

Or is it lying? I never understood the grammar rules for lay/lie. If I'm lying in bed, I think that means I'm not telling the truth. If I'm laying in bed, then I'm supine, yes? Must not lie in bed.

Anyway …

I'm laying in bed this morning, trying to be still and not let the two little devils know that I am awake. Once they know I'm up, they are on the bed, purring and pawing at me to pet them. I make it until about 6 a.m. They ascend on me purring and insist that I share some love. As Lily tucks herself in conveniently within reach of my right hand, Bug paces around my head, stepping on my hair, forcing me to awkwardly reach overhead and pet her with my left hand.

As I lay there, (right? lay?), my cats trick me into thinking that this is all about me, when it is really about them, seeking attention, adoration, affection. I think, "I wonder if it's like this for Hugh Hefner …"

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