Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Get real

I had a conversation with someone yesterday about the ins and outs of text messaging in the dating world. I said, "Why is it that guys hide behind text messages?" (To be fair, he said women do it, too.)

I met Guy X a couple of weeks ago. We had lunch, then went to dinner then met for breakfast one morning. He's a nice guy. He text messages me every day, several times a day. Now, I don't mind a cute "I'm thinking of you" text or, "Where is the nearest sporting goods store," or something that makes me laugh or smile. But text messaging does not and cannot replace real conversations. I'm at the point where Guy X, though very sweet and cute, is almost an annoyance. I do not want to be wooed by text messaging, instant messaging or e-mail. I don't to be asked out on a date via text, and I don't want to learn about your family, career and hopes and dreams in 160-word bytes.

If you want to talk to me or see me, pick up the phone and call me. I'm a little old-fashion that way, I suppose. How would these guys have survived 15, 20 years ago when telephones were wired to walls and e-mail was known by only a few hundred IT nerds?

I like the guy who isn't afraid to pick up the phone. I like a guy who sends me a random text message during the day then later picks up the phone to continue the conversation, which could last into the late hours of the night (which is, like 10 o'clock for me).

I admit I've hidden behind the safety of my cell-phone screen. The bottom line is: If he (or she) is truly interested in you, he (or she) will call or take your call. Anything less than a phone call is superficial. It isn't real.

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katshepherd said...

And to think, once upon a time phone calls were considered "hiding"! LOL I don't know how you do it, dating in this e-world. I did some online dating and THAT nearly did me in, about a decade ago. I have no idea how I would fare today, but I suspect it would be very poorly indeed.