Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My FB war with my mother

I've offended my mother. Again.
She joined the ranks of Facebook recently and, with much reluctance, I befriended her.
Now, don't get me wrong. My mom and I are close. We talk regularly, and there is very little about my life that she doesn't know. She probably knows more about me than most of my friends know.
Why do I hesitate to add her as my friend?
Here's why: My mother complained to me that so-and-so posts boring status updates on their wall and they show up on her wall. "I don't care that so-and-so is going to bed. Why do they feel the need to tell the world?"
"Then ignore them," I said. "You can block their posts."
Thanksgiving week rolls around and posts from my mother start showing up on my wall. 
Peeled 10 pounds of potatoes!
Cooked two turkeys and made pies. I'm exhausted!
Stuffing is ready for Thursday!
The next time we speak on the phone, I ask her why she posts these things on my wall.
"Well, I think it's interesting that a 64-year-old woman is doing all this work by herself," she said.
"But you do it every year," I said. "And so do a lot of people. It's as uninteresting as your friend who drinks wine before she goes to bed."
(I am pretty sure she doesn't understand the difference between posts to her wall and posts to others' walls.)
We're at war, people. My mother launches acerbic grenades on my stats posts: ""FAR more interesting than someone peeling ten pounds of potatoes.  Oh yeah." and I fend them off with rapid-fire delete button.


Phyllis Bernel said...

Oh, but you forgot to tell everyone that the car wash, near you, is open. Now THAT is interesting stuff, I say.

And, what good is a caged animal if you can't poke a stick at it every once in awhile? huh?

Kathleen said...

You and your mom...your own road show! Never fails to make me laugh!