Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why does Tide have 40 formulas?

I'm shopping for laundry detergent and I realize I have spent untold minutes in the aisle reading labels, trying to make the right choice.
Tide, for example, has 40 formulas. Liquid. Ultra Liquid. Powder. Simple Pleasures. Simple pleasures? With Stain Scrubbers. Scented and unscented. With bleach and with bleach alternatives. And baking soda. And combinations of all of the above mixed with mountain fresh scents, ocean breezes and other flowery scents.
I'm overwhelmed with choices. I don't know what to do. I just want to wash my laundry. I'm looking for a label that reads: It just cleans your clothes; that's it. I don't need pleasure while doing laundry.
I'm getting pissed off now because Procter & Gamble has made my life so COMPLICATED.
The choices continue on the toothpaste aisle.
Whitening. Tartar control. Cavity protection. Sensitivity protection. Gel. Paste. And striped, which has both gel and paste for indecisive people like me, I guess, who want it all. Huh - no "simple pleasures"?


Dawn said...

Ohhh you know I have to comment here. =)

Place Tide powder into 1/3 jar of water.
Shake the Tide for an hour,
a week, or a month. No matter how long you shake it, it will never completely dissolve
because it is full of fillers and soda ash that add volume in the box, but just go right down
the drain, adding to the strain on waterways and treatment plants.
Even after sitting for
36 months,Tide will
not completely dissolve.

Okay, your FYI for the day.
Not sure what it would do to "bugs". hahaha

Anonymous said...

Em suggests using the brand JASON- Powersmile ( no flouride added). YOu can find it at Whole Foods, SProuts or any natural market, its in a red and white box, get the paste, not gel. It does not contain phospahtes or sulfates and does an amizing job at cleaning and freshening your mouth. :)

For the laundry soap, same deal, try a natural phosphate and sulfate free formula also can be found at Natural Markets/stores. Or even Arm & Hammer :)